Whether your moving date is two weeks or two months from now, here is a checklist to help...

Transfer or cancel all relevant accounts, records and/or services, including:

  •     Utilities, including electric, gas, water, sewer and trash
  •     Cable, telephone (landline and cell phones), newspaper, and lawn services
  •     Car registration and driver's license
  •     Postal service
  •     Update your contacts with your new address
  •     Bank accounts and safe deposit box
  •     Insurance policies, including property, auto and medical
  •     Alarm/security company
  •     Voter registration
  •     Physician, dentist and other medical providers (make sure to have at least two weeks of prescription medicine on hand for the duration of your move)
  •     Veterinarian, if applicable
  •     Health clubs
  •     Your children's schools and daycare centers

Separate everything you will and will not be taking with you.

  •     Make a list. If you are hiring a moving company, catalog your valuables (take pictures if possible).
  •     Consider renting a movable storage unit. They can be loaded and stored off location during the sale of your home. 
  •     Now is the time to purge. Decide how you will be getting rid of unwanted items.

Collect boxes, tape, bubble wrap, newspapers, garbage bags and markers - or let your movers do it.

  •     Disassemble furniture and pack all of your fragile household items.
  •     Schedule movers as needed.
  •     If you are hiring a moving company, keep a completed bill of lading until your possessions are delivered to your new home.
  •     Recycle flammable materials or containers that may leak, acids, cleaning fluids, matches, paint, etc.

Take care of all last-minute details

  •     Have your car serviced if you are traveling a long distance.
  •     Arrange hotel or other accommodations.
  •     Make plans for pet care and/or lodging, if applicable.
  •     Check all closets, cabinets and rooms one last time to make sure you haven't left anything behind.
  •     Make sure all systems and lights have been turned off in your home before you lock up.

Be sure you're prepared for settlement.

  •     Plan to maintain homeowner's insurance for 2-3 days after settlement.
  •     Leave appliance manuals, warranty information and spare keys in the house, or bring to settlement.
  •     Make sure the house is "broom clean" and all trash and debris - including any in garage and attic – are removed prior to buyer's final walkthrough.
  •     Bring driver's license or other form of photo ID to settlement.
  •     If you are in a condo or co-op, be sure to schedule your move well in advance. Check your condo/co-op docs for moving rules and restrictions.


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